In May of 1983, Mary Cameron was attending Adelphi University in pursuit of a degree in Social Work and Early Childhood Education. At that time, she was expecting a child and therefore, actually seeking quality child care for her infant. Although Ms. Cameron conducted an extensive search, she could not find the quality of care she was seeking. She decided she would stay home and care for children in her own home.[more..]
Uniondale Early Childhood Center provides convenient, consistent child care services for working families. The Center is responsible for providing qualified staff, a safe environment and quality care. The Center provides a nutritious breakfast, lunch and one snack per day. We specialize in caring for young children, as young as six weeks old. Our extended hours and after school care enable us to make it possible for siblings to spend more time together and avoid the fragmented shuttling that most families must endure. As our society becomes more stressful, the results are evident in our children. With security, love and encouragement, UECC has created an environment that is caring and supportive. We want to help your child to be happy, creative and self-confident. Children need to know that they are valued for who they are, not for what they can do. It is our belief that children are naturally eager to learn. Given encouragement and an appropriately stimulating environment, children will absorb information as quickly as it can be provided.[more..]